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“Lifelong learning is no longer an option, as one to remain competitive in the Mobile Age, has to continuously update oneself to keep up with the daily changes in technology and job needs"

... YB Datuk Wira Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia

DigitalEdu.today is LTT Global’s service in-line with United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4, promoting quality learning content, inclusive learning opportunities and to encourage lifelong learning.

It is a leading one-stop digital platform for online courses, videos, e-books and journals where one can learn new things or up-skill oneself. All contents on this platform are Aggregated, Curated And Organized from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) providers, Open Source Contents and Contents for Public Use.

DigitalEdu.Today is offered at USD30 per person / per year with one-year unlimited access. Your subscription also helps power our other global initiatives that impacts lives of women, youth, people with special needs and refugees among others through education.

Thank you for your subscription and we hope you have an exciting time exploring DigitalEdu.today.

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Our platform caters to the training, development and education needs of all, now making learning and training accessible and affordable to them will help them up-skill at their own time and pace.

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➢ Topic or problem based
➢ Videos, code sammples, tools etc

Lifelong Learning

➢ I want to learn something new.

➢ Several hours or days

➢ Find a mentor, do courses, watch videos or read e-books

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